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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions to ask when choosing a fly fishing guide service.
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Is the guide or guide service licensed, bonded, and insured in Colorado?

Be aware that guides conducting “rogue trips” or persons holding themselves out as guides without proper licensing are not covered under the outfitters insurance and license. This practice is illegal in Colorado.

What are the hidden costs of the trip?

Ask if things like private water fees, wader and equipment rental, terminal tackle, lunch and flies are included in the trip price. Many guide services do not include private water, equipment rental, flies, tippet, leaders, and terminal tackle as part of their guide fee. Because of separate private water, rental equipment and tackle charges clients often discover they have an additional $100 - $500 in fees due at the time of their trip. At The Flyfisher EVERYTHING, except your fishing license and gratuities, are included in a single advertised price based on the number of angler and the location.

What is the appropriate tip for a fly fishing guide?

Gratuities are optional and we suggest you give them only if you were pleased with the service you received. Your guide will greatly appreciate any and all gratuities. Typical gratuities are approximately 20-30% of the total trip price, 20% is the industry standard or about $50/person guided.

How much does the trip cost and do you have space available?

Some outfitters charge different rates then they advertise on their websites, the classic bait and switch. Our rates and the number of spaces available at that rate and on your desired day are always searchable on our website 24/7. When you make a reservation through our online booking system you can be assured that what you have requested is available and that once your reservation request has been approved by us and confirmed by you your space is guaranteed.

What experience do The Flyfisher Guide Service guides have?

Be aware that often, especially during peak summer months, many outfitters resort to hiring part time guides with little to no guiding experience or ski and snowboard instructors looking for summer work. Many outfitters also share guides so you may not be fishing with a guide from your chosen service. At The Flyfisher we have well over 200 cumulative years of guiding experience and we have been in the outfitter fly fishing guide business for 40 years. All of our guides serve a one year apprenticeship on our staff before getting their wings and all have many years of fly fishing experience. Our guides are exclusive to us and unless we are traveling to a destination outside of our home waters on Colorado’s Front Range we never place our clients with guides from a different outfitter. We have fly fishing authors, former guide service owners, long time guides and fly shop employees, as well as world traveled fly fishing experts on our staff. All guides in Colorado are required to hold current CPR and first aid certifications.

Why should I choose Colorado as my fly fishing destination?

The rivers we fish are very accessible, within 1 hour of downtown Denver. We have many tail water options (rivers below dams) that are very fertile trout environments and grow lots of big trout. We also have many freestone options where the dry fly fishing can be spectacular. We only guide on private water where access in very limited to ensure that the water is rested, the fish are released, and the catching is superb.

Do I need a fishing license?

Yes. Your fishing license can be easily purchased online by following this link:

Should I choose public or private water for my fly fishing trip?

In Colorado, the land owners own the river bottom. This is a concept that is foreign to anglers in many parts of the country. Private water offers a controlled environment where the angling pressure is limited and the fish are released ensuring there are plenty of fish that are usually very willing to eat flies. We do not guide on public water because over our 40+ years of experience we have decided that guiding our clients on public water is not the best use of their time or their money. Guide trips are special events that make memories that last a lifetime, we prefer your memories not include hoards of other anglers jockeying for the best water. We prefer your guide spend time putting you on feeding fish not looking for an opening in the crowd. If you would like to hone your skill on public water please reserve a private lesson so that we can teach you when and where to go on your own. Since we do not guide on public water we’ll should you all our “secret spots,” nothing is off limits and you will never find yourself completing with our guide trips for a chance at the good water!

Can I get picked up at my hotel in the Denver/Boulder area?

We are happy to offer our clients a hotel pick-up and drop-off service. Rates vary based on the service needed and can be arranged through our online booking system.

What do I need to do before the day of my trip?

Please use the login and password information we provide you via email when your reservation is approved or when you are invited on a trip to login our website and confirm the details of your trip, invite your guests, complete your liability waiver and your trip profile or as a guest complete your liability waiver and trip profile.

Why is it important to login to the website and complete the required information?

Doing so allows us to prepare for your trip before you arrive and helps us make the most of your fishing time. It also allows us to collect important information about you including disabilities, allergies, food requests, equipment needs, emergency contacts and your liability waiver without having to take time at the beginning of your day to do paperwork.

When I invite a guest how do they know the details about the trip and how do I know they have completed the necessary information?

Your invited guest(s) will be sent an email from us letting them know you have invited them on a guided fishing trip. They will be given a login and password and instructions about how to login to the website and instructions about how to complete their liability waiver and profile. You will receive an email when they have completed their information so that you know they are ready for the trip.

How do I manage my trip and contact my guide before the trip?

You can review the status of your trip 24/7 by referring to the trip checklist on your login homepage. Any questions that cannot be managed through the website can be directed to Customer Service at 303.861.0240 or you can contact your guide directly off the trip checklist page.

What if I do not login and complete the required information?

Your guide will attempt to help you complete the required information before the day of your trip. If you or one of your guests is unable to complete the required information before the day of your trip, including securing a fishing license, time will be taken during your fishing day to complete the required information and or get your fishing license.

What if there is bad weather?

We fish rain, snow, sleet or shine. If there is more than 2 hours of lighting during your trip, and we need to stop fishing, your trip can be rescheduled. If the river we are going to fish is frozen and un-fishable or the roads to access the location are closed we will reschedule your trip or you can cancel.

What should I bring?

  • Mountain weather can change suddenly; we recommend dressing in several layers so you can adjust with changing conditions.

  • Valid Colorado fishing license.

  • Wool or fleece socks.

  • Long underwear.

  • Gloves.

  • Hat.

  • Quick dry pants.

  • Rain gear.

  • Polarized sunglasses.

  • Sun block and lip balm.

  • Insect repellent.

  • Gratuity for your guide is always appreciated (approximately 20-30%) you can always put this on your credit card before or after your trip.

  • Signed liability waiver and trip profile include emergency contact information (executed online before the trip)

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