Employment Opportunities at The Flyfisher Guide Service

The Flyfisher Guide Service is the second oldest fly fishing outfitter in Colorado and has very low turnover among the staff. We always look for experienced fishing guides and only hire guides with previous commercial fishing guiding experience and or those who have completed our apprenticeship program. We rarely hire anyone under the age of twenty five and those we do hire have been fishing for at least fifteen years. If you are considering a change from the company you currently work for be sure to read through all the information on our website carefully to make sure that The Flyfisher Guide Service is a good fit for you. Applicants must develop a basic understanding of our waters, trips, philosophy and guides prior to contacting us. You may also enjoy reading our blog.

How We Do Things: We run our trips conservatively, with utmost concern for our guests' and guides' safety. Our motto is always safety first! We have a certain way of doing things and like to standardize our procedures as much as possible so that when we are working with different combinations of guides and clients we are concentrating on the clients and having fun instead of re-inventing the wheel. We want our guides to enjoy a supportive atmosphere. To meet this goal, we want guides who are solid, supportive team players with excellent communication skills. We understand that working together around the clock and spending the time it takes on the river each season to be a quality guide is very demanding; that is why all of our guides have an insatiable appetite for fly fishing.


Elucidation: Our guides pride themselves on their knowledge of the cultural and natural history of the rivers we guide and have found that sharing this knowledge increases our guests' enjoyment. Because we expect our guides to be good interpreters of natural and cultural history, an educational background and or working knowledge of earth sciences, biology and archaeology, etc., is highly desirable. We also require all new hires to prepare a short interpretive presentation related to the rivers and canyons where we operate. This must be completed during the final guide exam. Complete details to help you complete this project will be provided.


Benefits: We seek to identify and employ professional, career guides. Our goal is to maintain a large percentage of our guides for many seasons. Toward this end, our guide contracts exclusive agreements for a three year term. Many of our staffers have gone on to lifetime careers in the fly fishing industry like fly shop owners and outfitters to manufacturers reps and product development specialists to outdoor writers and private fishing club developers, guiding at The Flyfisher will open many doors. We offer a number of benefits including:

  • Access to top quality private water for you and your clients
  • Complimentary and/or discounted trips for family and friends
  • Fly fishing guide training opportunities through continuing education
  • Fisheries enhancement and management training
  • Training and skills development in the recreation industry
  • Training and skills development in the retail industry
  • Training and skills development in the outdoor manufacturing industry
  • Training and skill development in the freelance outdoor writing industry
  • Training and skill development in the outdoor photography and video industry
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Competitive Pay
  • Pro-staff program to help you purchase outdoor gear at deeply discounted rates
  • Royalty fly designer program
  • Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace


Tobacco-Free, Drug and Alcohol Policy: The Flyfisher Guide Service is a tobacco-free company. Guides are not permitted to smoke or chew tobacco on any The Flyfisher Guide Service trip. This includes all overnight trips. Any employee found in  violation of this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. The Flyfisher Guide Service is committed to a safe environment for our staff and guests. We have a zero tolerance policy for drugs on our properties or impairment at work. If you can not do without drugs or heavy consumption of alcohol, do not apply. Random drug testing is required for all The Flyfisher Guide Service employees. Pre-employment and random drug/alcohol testing is required for CDL drivers. Post-accident drug/alcohol testing is required of all employees filing a workman's compensation claim. Any employee allowing drugs or alcohol to affect their work may be terminated.


Personal Appearance: A professional and well-groomed appearance is an essential ingredient in The Flyfisher Guide Service's success. Facial piercing such as nose rings, eye rings, and chin studs are not acceptable. We rely on your good judgment and commitment to The Flyfisher Guide Service to accept this basic condition of employment.


Pet Policy: In consideration of and for the safety of our guests, employees and your pets; please leave your pets at home.


Bottom Line: Becoming certified in Colorado and trained to The Flyfisher Guide Service's level of excellence, is a lengthy process and may require an experienced guide to spend three to six weeks in training before becoming a paid guide. Our Apprenticeship Program offers an entry point for all skilled anglers that would like to break into the fly fishing industry. Our Director of Development makes the final decision regarding who will be interviewed, who will be admitted into the Apprenticeship Program and when applicants are qualified to guide on their own.


Applying For a Paid Position

Our hiring is normally complete for each season in by the second week of June. The interview and testing process and takes about ten fishing days for highly skilled anglers with solid and extensive guiding experience and solid physical conditioning. All of our positions are physically demanding and require walking, wading, hiking, lifting, bending, standing and kneeling. Once your cover letter, resumes and certifications have been received, you will be notified if you have been selected for an interview. Generally interviews are conducted from November through May.


Application Requirements

  • Guiding experience and or completion of our Apprenticeship Program
  • Study and know everything on our website
  • Make sure your goals and ours match
  • Cover letter
  • Fishing resume and biography
  • Professional resume
  • Copies of first aid and CPR certifications
  • Reference letter(s) if they are requested
  • Good Physical Conditioning (evaluated during the interview process)
  • Completion of the Guide Final Exam (details provided to those who interview)


State Requirements to Guide

  • Current first aid certification
  • Current CPR certification
  • Authorization to work under a licensed Colorado Outfitter's permit


Requirements Once Employed

  • Complete a minimum of ten trips each season
  • Self generate at least 30% of the total trips requested each season
  • Maintain first aid and CPR certifications through continuing education


Applying for our FREE Fly Fishing Guide Apprenticeship Program

We try to wrap up admission to our Apprenticeship Program in May. You may contact us at any time and we may be able to add you to an existing program or put you on the waiting list for the following year. Prospective guides are NOT paid for apprenticeship fish-a-longs or training trips. The number of fish-a-long and training trips required varies based on the ability and learning rates of the individual. The process take as little as three month for highly skilled anglers with a bit of guiding experience. It can also take as long as two years for intermediate anglers without guiding experience.


Apprenticeship Description and Requirements

  1. Step One

    • Fish-a-long outings are conducted two, three or four times each month
    • Applicants are judged on their personality, fishing ability and knowledge of our local rivers, streams, lakes and pond
    • We fish for any number of warm and cold water species in any number of locations so be prepared to fish anywhere and catch anything that swims in Colorado
    • Depending on the fishing skill level of the individual this step can be completed in as few as three trips or it may take many
    • Applicants move on to step two when they have completed step one
  2. Step Two

    • Training and shadow trips occur as they become available on our schedule
    • Applicants begin by shadowing guide trips to learn about our process and style
    • When we are satisfied that applicants understand our style they being training trips
    • Training trips involve netting fish, tying knots and client and time management
    • Applicants become more involved with the client on each trip
    • Applicants with prior experience can expect at least two trips, those without experience, as many as it takes
    • The goal of step two is to successfully guide a client trip alone, under the supervision of a Pro-Staff guide
    • Step two is complete when the applicant demonstrates:
      • Proficiency and experience with Flyfisher Guide Service techniques, fishing etiquette and client management
      • Working knowledge of the waters we fish
      • Professionalism in working with guests
      • The ability to assume a full share of the workload, especially in terms of getting the clients into fish
      • Planning, preparation and service of a quality lunch
      • Proficiency with our trip reporting system


Admission to our Apprenticeship Program

Call 303-861-0240 to request admission to our Apprenticeship Program.

Thank you for your interest in The Flyfisher Guide Service!

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